Activate Your Potential

Activate Your Potential : With A Mindset For Success System

Are you ready to have your best year yet? 

Great, buckle up because transformation is just ahead…

It’s time to STOP…doubting your every step, struggling to keep focused on what you need to get done to grow your coaching business. Sitting in that sinking feeling that you haven’t moved on in your business for what feels like ages 

What if you felt confident to make change happen with an action plan in place. Positive and focused with daily habits to make it all happen, feel excited to powerfully make essential changes in your coaching business because you are ready to experience amazing success.

Hi I’m Sarah Humphreys, helping coaches to active your true potential, so you can go from doubt to fully booked out with ease.

Because if negative self talk is holding you back, you will always find it difficult to experience the success you desire in your business. With my Mindset For Success system you can make way for complete transformation in your life and business. With an unshakeable confidence, a proven system and a clear intention you can start seeing the results you desire in your wealth, self belief and lifestyle.


Create Your Mindset For Success 

In this course I share with you the exact steps I use, and also to help my 1:1 clients to create a mindset for success.

Easy to follow steps that will save you months in time trying to figure it all out on your own.

You get a no fluff 6 step video tutorial, self-coach workbook, 90 Day Business Success Planner

Your requirement? To take the actions I share, and implement them into your business in the 90 Day Business Success Planner

You will create with my guidance-  

  • A proven plan to achieve your desires in the next 90 day 
  • Strategies to create new daily habits that you can easily add to your current habits
  • Uncover your intention of what you want to achieve
  • discover how to connect with that intention daily and create actions to achieve it
  • My proven system of how to stay focused
  • NLP technique that helps you to feel into your desired state of achievement
  • Save hours of time
  • Sit back with a glass of bubbles and celebrate your business success.

The Mindset For Success System : What You Get –

  • Create Your Mindset For Success 6 video self-paced course
  • Self-coach workbooks to help you plan out and follow along with.
  • 90 Day Business Success Planner
  • NLP Technique that you can use daily
  • Join my Facebook community and be with like-minded people


These Bonuses –

  • Vision Boarding Workshop – to help you to bring your vision to the top of mind so you can connect with it daily
  • Reflect & Review, Know Your Business Next Steps Masterclass – uncover the areas of your business that you need to work on in levels of priority

PLUS : 90 Day Business Success Planner  –

  • Pages to plan the whole year ahead
  • Monthly break down pages
  • Daily pages to incorporate your daily habits and actions as outlined inside Mindset for Success course
  • Review section
  • Un-dated so you can print out over and over again, to use every 90 days
  • Immediate access
  • 72 pre-designed pages of the downloadable planner

>>> Total Value $147 <<<



Ready To Achieve Your Goals?

At This Limited Time Price Of-

I felt overwhelmed,  like I wouldn’t have the time, I’m so happy that with Sarah I have been able to achieve this. Lisa

It was great and saved me months in time. I recommend you to everyone I know! Melisa 

Sarah, thank you so much for this quick and easy to follow course, I’m now able to relax and enjoy running my business. Sharon 

This All Sounds Great But…

Why do I need to work on my mindset?

A. Growing and running your own business can bring highs and lows. When we work on our mindset we are better equipped mentally to get through every obstacle we come up against so we can reach the desired success we want to achieve 

How Can I Be Happy All The Time?

A. Working on your mindset isn’t about always being happy, it’s more about feeling more positive and increasing your confidence and self belief. When these are in this place you are more open to opportunities, and with a action plan in place you can experience incredible transformation in your life and business. 

I feel like I could improve on my current daily habits

A. Then this course is perfect for you, you will learn my system of how to bring mindset and intention setting into action 

How Will I Know If This Is Right For Me?

A. If you are wanting to up-level the success of your coaching business and need guidance on the easiest steps to take and when, this course will get you there

I Think Fear Is Holding Me Back

A. I totally get that and fear of the unknown is always there when we are doing something new. Think about how you will feel when you can tick off your list – I’ve got a solid mindset – now you can start growing a business you love. 

I Want To Have A Successful, Profitable Business

A. Awesome, I aim to help you to love building your coaching business so you can experience expodential success 

Ready To Make Change?

At This Limited Time Price Of-


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